100 Days – The Halfway mark

Back in May I decided to give myself another challenge and take part in a 100 Day project.  I took my French dictionary and randomly chose and made a list of 100  words I didn’t know.   I am making a 4″ square inspired by each word on the list. I’ve used a variety of techniques and materials include fabric, painted papers, ephemera and found objects.

My plan is to attach the squares to A3 size fabric pages and make these into a book.  That’s part two if the project – to be tackled in a few weeks.  There are gaps….100 Days 2

Retro quilt top progress

I put this quilt top together several years ago and have decided it’s now time to quilt it.  I had been collecting vintage/retro  fabrics for quite a while and had fun putting this scrap quilt together. I’ve used an old woollen blanket as the batting so it’s quite heavy and great to quilt by hand on these chilly winter nights. I’m using quite thick thread which is also vintage.  It’s quite strong and was in a box of threads I inherited from my mother-in-law after she passed away.  I’m really getting a kick out of using up stuff from my stash!Vintage quilt top (2)

Inspired by Picasso

Our textile art group is exploring the work of artists in media other than textiles and cloth.  This year we’re each choosing a painting as inspiration for a small (A3 sized) piece of work.

Below is my first piece – my interpretation of Picasso’s  “Figure of a Woman, Inspired by the War in Spain, (3 January 1937)”.  The text in the background is taken from information on Wikipedia which I wrote by hand directly onto the calico fabric with a superfine permanent black pen.  I chose a shape from the painting and created a template which I used to make the negative and positive  shapes.  The darkest shape is paper cloth made from several layers of fabric and tissue paper then machine stitched with dark blue thread. The yellow and red scraps of fabric represent the colours of the flag of Spain.

I loved learning about the painting and how and why Picasso came to paint it.  I’m now looking forward to seeing  how the other artists have interpreted the painting when we meet to share our work in February.

my interpretation of picasso's figure of a woman, inspired by the war in spain, (3 january 1937).

Mental Health Awareness Week


I made these mental health dolls to represent the 5 pathways to mental health. These little dolls are reminders to Connect, Keep Learning, Be Active, Give and Take Notice.  I’ve added another doll though.    Sometimes, ‘life’ just gets in the way of our best intentions and that’s the Jinx.  I found the ‘backdrop’ at an awesome place in Christchurch called ‘Creative Junk’.  It’s a treasure storehouse of industrial waste and things you never knew you needed but just can’t live without.

My Mental Health team (3).

8 Dives

These small pieces represent 8 different scuba dives.  The photos are a bit fuzzy and the colours are muted (my phone) however, I did deliberately work in these muted shades to give the feeling of being underwater. These represent some dives in the Cayman Islands (the file fish close-up, the tube worms, the coral formations and the larger piece which I called ‘Aliens in the Water Column’). The others represent dives in NZ waters – the seahorse and kelp from the south coast of Wellington, the ‘black’ coral in Milford Sound, South Island (which appears white) and the sad situation of fish caught in a drift net.

Tube worms

I should speak to my photographer partner about  taking some clearer images of this work!