Mental Health Awareness Week


I made these mental health dolls to represent the 5 pathways to mental health. These little dolls are reminders to Connect, Keep Learning, Be Active, Give and Take Notice.  I’ve added another doll though.    Sometimes, ‘life’ just gets in the way of our best intentions and that’s the Jinx.  I found the ‘backdrop’ at an awesome place in Christchurch called ‘Creative Junk’.  It’s a treasure storehouse of industrial waste and things you never knew you needed but just can’t live without.

My Mental Health team (3).


8 Dives

These small pieces represent 8 different scuba dives.  The photos are a bit fuzzy and the colours are muted (my phone) however, I did deliberately work in these muted shades to give the feeling of being underwater. These represent some dives in the Cayman Islands (the file fish close-up, the tube worms, the coral formations and the larger piece which I called ‘Aliens in the Water Column’). The others represent dives in NZ waters – the seahorse and kelp from the south coast of Wellington, the ‘black’ coral in Milford Sound, South Island (which appears white) and the sad situation of fish caught in a drift net.

Tube worms

I should speak to my photographer partner about  taking some clearer images of this work!

3 Talents

If you could do 3 things without having to learn them, what would they be?  One of my textile groups offered this as a challenge – ages ago now.  I dived into it and knew straight away what my first two would be.  The third talent emerged as I worked on the first two.

Talent Number one:  To speak French fluently which somehow morphed into having a conversation with Eleanor of Aquitaine (who died in the C12th).  After reading several novels and biographies this is part of the finished piece.

KGJ B Eleanor

Talent Number Two: To sing a duet with Annie Lennox – of course it was ‘Walking on Broken Glass’.  (Image to follow)

And, Talent Number Three:  To fly across continents and through time – from the time of Eleanor to the present day and beyond.KGJ A The Flight of Progress

Prehistoric  reptiles and birds fly across woodland forests, turn into small planes, jets and supersonic aircraft which travel across city and motorways and into the future – to who knows where……..

Dealing to the Procrastination Goblins

This blog works because it holds me accountable. This blog works for ME.  No-one else is reading it (mainly cos I haven’t told many people about it!) and that’s absolutely ok by me.

Over the past 6 months I have a few visits from the Procrastination Goblins.

Procrastination Goblins come with lists which they are duty bound to produce when they show up to interrupt your life. These include: “it’s too early in the day; it’s too late in the day; you need to phone your mother; phone your kids;  check emails; clean the bathroom; swim; walk; weed the garden; read; have a nana nap; blob; or do that thing you promised for a friend……….”

Blogging is a good way to deal to these PGs. Since my last post, I have started and finished a quilt, finished the pulley wheel mini-quilt and designed and completed 5 of 8 pieces for an upcoming exhibition. I just took some quick photos with my phone so the colour’s  quite wishy washy but here’s a couple of them:

Funky Tangs

Part of the ‘8 Dives’ series. This is a school of tangs which we used to often see in Cayman. This series is part of a group project called ‘8 Days’. We are each to complete a series of 8″ x 8″ pieces depicting 8 Days. This is a very wide brief.

Creeping starfish

Part of the ‘8 Dives’ series. Still working on getting the 3-D right…

So there PGs, I’m on it!

The wheel

The research continues into finding the vessel where this wheel may have come from and perhaps it’s not a pulley wheel but the wheel used to steer it.    In the meantime, I have tacked up a small sample ready for hand-quilting.

The colour’s not very accurate in this phowheel tacked up (2)to, it’s actually much closer to the original photo of the wheel in the last post.


Pulley wheel

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and other divers came across this old pulley wheel submerged in Wellington Harbour. Shelley Bay Pulley wheelThey are now researching its age,  where it might have come from and how it  came to be lying on the bottom of the sea.

I was drawn to the muted colours and the texture so I got busy in my sketchbook and on some spare fabric.  I cut a template from heavy card, made a stamp from polystyrene and got busy with pastel rubbing and stamping with paint.

Today’s lesson:  life is too short to use a persevere with a blunt craft knife however I got there in the end (and with a new craft knife).DSCF3380

Next steps:  To dive the site myself and take a look at the wheel then figure out how to add texture to my art piece with stitch and more paint and surface embellishment.